Annual General Meeting

The HCF Annual General Meeting will be held on October 20th at 2pm in Boreland Village Hall. Everyone in the community is welcome – come along and find out about some of the opportunities available to our area.

Click on the link for the Agenda for the AGM – HCF AGM Agenda 20 Oct 2019.

Click on the link for Minutes from last year’s AGM – HCF AGM December 2018 minutes cm

Click on the link for the Chairman’s Report – HCF AGM 2019 Chairs report

Click on the link for draft financial figures for 2018-2019 – 2018-2019 Income and Expenditure Account Draft

Click on the link for financial figures for 2017-2018 – HCF Income and Expenditure 31 March 2018

Dumfriesshire East Community Benefit Group

As you may know, the Dumfriesshire East Community Benefit Group has been formed to receive and distribute community benefit funding on behalf of communities and areas directly surrounding the Ewe Hill Windfarm.

The total amount of funding expected over the lifetime of this windfarm will be over £1.7 million for the Ewe Hill 6 Fund and over £4.6 million for the Ewe Hill 16 Fund.

DECBG are strongly concerned that this funding is used fairly and in ways and for projects that local people recognise and understand as being what they want to see happen in their areas.

With this intention in mind DECBG have commissioned an extensive consultation (conducted by Creetown Initiative) to gauge what local people feel about this funding, what opportunities it presents, and what projects they would like to see it support.

The first stage in this consultation will be through ‘one-to-one’ conversations which will be held in the halls in Boreland, Corrie and Tundergarth. From these initial conversations, ideas will help to structure the questionnaires and public meetings which will take the process through to an overall and agreed Plan.
Please click on the link to Creetown Initiatives key topics for discussion from their first round of consultations.

If you live in the Hutton/Boreland area, are interested and engaged in chatting around the subject and are willing to spare half an hour, please contact Julian Watson on  When emailing Julian, please provide a phone number.  Contact should be made before Tuesday 20th August to be included within this phase of consultation.

If people prefer to come in small groups (no more than about four, please) that is fine, but the essential thing is to maintain informality and easy conversation.

The actual consultation session in the Hall will require arranging and should happen sometime in in very late August or early September.  It will depend on how many people register an interest in coming along.