About Hutton Community Fellowship

Hutton Community Fellowship (HCF) was set up in 2010 to administer funding from MINSCA wind farm to community projects within the parish of Hutton. With the development of Ewe Hill wind farm, our remit has extended further, to include residents from a wider community.

The Chair and Treasurer of HCF also sit on the board for Dumfriesshire East Community Benefit Group (DECBG), which is a Scottish Community Interest Company, tasked with administering the funding from the Ewe Hill 16 wind farm.

Hutton Community Fellowship Constitution

The Fellowship’s constitution sets out our remit:

“To promote the wellbeing of the inhabitants of Hutton Parish by advancing education, and in the interests of social welfare and inclusion, improving community life."

We interpret that as broadly as we can so that anything that is of an economic, social, or environmental benefit, might be funded.

The stipulation with all of the funding, which are defined by our funders, is that the benefit must be for the community and not for an individual or business benefit.

HCF are there to receive ideas and decide on which ones are the most deserving of funding. All funding decisions are impartial and our decision is final. It is then for the constituted community group to take the idea forward and to maintain any equipment purchased.

At set points throughout the calendar year, HCF provide notice through their website, social media and contact list, of when funding applications are open for consideration

Applications of up to a maximum of £1000 from the MINSCA and Ewehill 6 fund, can be submitted for consideration to HCF. Application over £1000 will need to be applied for via the Ewehill 16 fund, administered by DECBG.

To date, we have supported applications to purchase items for Boreland Village Hall, Hutton Primary School, various community groups, and the running of community events. However, we are always looking for new projects to support, particularly ones that have an educational, inclusion or environmental benefit.

It is your money, so help us please by:
  • Coming along to any community events that HCF arrange to discuss an idea prior to application
  • Joining the HCF committee to help organise and oversee the spending of the funding.

Download our Funding Application Form (.pdf) and get further tips on how to fill it out on our Apply For Funding page.