Meet the Community Development Officer

On Wednesday 20th April at 7pm you are invited to a meeting in the Village Hall. There will be a hot drink and biscuits.

It is a chance for Community members to meet Jamie Dent, the recently appointed Community Officer working with DECBG.

Jamie and the Fellowship want to hear what events, projects and activities the Community would like to see developed in and around Boreland. Jamie can give an idea of the kind of support he can give.

The Fellowship belongs to the community but we need some new members so please think about helping. Anyone who wants to know more can contact Chris Miles 610303.

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Annual General Meeting 2022

April Meeting minutes 25 04 2022

Meeting 12 12 2021

Annual General Meeting 2021

AGM minutes 5 12 21

Chairs report AGM 2021_

The 2021 Annual General Meeting was held at 14.00 on Sunday December 5th in Boreland Village Hall.

HCF AGM Agenda 5 December 2021

HCF AGM Minutes 01-11-2020

Hutton CF 2021 Accounts – Signed by IE

Christmas hampers

As we did last year Hutton Community Fellowship is funding a community hamper for each household, given it is still not possible to meet at seasonal gatherings in the community.

On Sunday 5th December the Fellowship will be at the village hall for its AGM at 2pm. You are welcome to attend the meeting if you book in advance (as we need to plan numbers). Please contact us to do this. A zoom link is also available.

Between 3pm and 5pm on the 5th December if you come to the hall car park you can pick up a hamper for your household. You will also be offered a hot drink and a mince pie.

Minutes of HCF Committee meeting held 6/6/2021

Minutes 6 June 2021

Dumfriesshire East Community Benefit Group (DECBG) is seeking an experienced Community Officer to work collaboratively with the smaller communities of east Dumfriesshire. For more information click on the link above.

Update on Crossdykes – Muirhill Energy

For more information download the following links:

Hutton Community Fellowship Chris Miles

2 Muirhall Energy_IIF Application Form_2021

Minutes of HCF Committee meeting held 28/3/2021

HCF meeting minutes 28-03-2021

Community Consultation

The results of the community consultation have now been published and can be accessed at:

Annual Accounts and Treasurer’s report

See links below to access the HCF Annual Accounts for 2019-2020 and the Treasurer’s report from the AGM on 1st November 2020.

HuttonCFsigned2020 (2)

AGM Treasurers Report 1st November 2020 (1)

Annual General Meeting – 1st November 2020 at 2pm

The Annual General Meeting of Hutton Community Fellowship was held on: 1st November at 2pm.

Due to COVID restrictions the AGM took place online via a ZOOM meeting. Community members were invited to join the meeting.

Chairman’s report available on the link below:

HCF chairs report agm 1 Nov 2020

Minutes of HCF Committee meeting held 20/9/2020

HCF minutes 20 Sept 2020

Minutes of HCF Committee meeting held 26/4/2020

HCF minutes meeting 26.04.2020

Minutes of HCF Committee meeting held 16/2/2020

minutes 16.02.20 HCF meeting

Community Consultation – Using wind farm funding to benefit everyone

This is your chance to have your say! This questionnaire will be dropping through your door in the next couple of days. Don’t ignore it! Fill it in and tell us what YOU would like to see happen in YOUR community!

This is your chance to have your say. Don’t miss it!

Click here for full information Press Release cm


HCF Committee Meeting Minutes 17.11.19

Click on the link for Minutes Minutes Nov 2019 HCF


Annual General Meeting

The HCF Annual General Meeting was held on October 20th in Boreland Village Hall. For access to the minutes and financial information please click on the links below:

Click on the link for Minutes from the 2019 AGM – HCF minutes AGM 2019cm

Click on the link for the Chairman’s Report – HCF AGM 2019 Chairs report

Click on the link for financial figures for 2018-2019 – HCF Accounts 2018-2019

Click on the link for financial figures for 2017-2018 – HCF Income and Expenditure 31 March 2018

Click on the link for Minutes from last year’s AGM – HCF AGM December 2018 minutes cm


Dumfriesshire East Community Benefit Group – Community Consultation

As you may know, the Dumfriesshire East Community Benefit Group has been formed to receive and distribute community benefit funding on behalf of communities and areas directly surrounding the Ewe Hill Windfarm.

The total amount of funding expected over the lifetime of this windfarm will be over £1.7 million for the Ewe Hill 6 Fund and over £4.6 million for the Ewe Hill 16 Fund.

DECBG are strongly concerned that this funding is used fairly and in ways and for projects that local people recognise and understand as being what they want to see happen in their areas.

With this intention in mind DECBG have commissioned an extensive consultation (conducted by Creetown Initiative) to gauge what local people feel about this funding, what opportunities it presents, and what projects they would like to see it support.

The first stage in this consultation was through ‘one-to-one’ conversations held in the halls in Boreland, Corrie and Tundergarth. From these initial conversations, ideas will help to structure the questionnaires and public meetings which will take the process through to an overall and agreed Plan.

The next stage is a questionnaire for completion which will be posted to all households in the area during February.